Walk on, it is a desolate landscape, the future is now, nowhere to run, we can’t hide, this is the storm, planet earth 2.0,reboot.

The ghost is out of Alladin’s lamp. Irreversible awareness of our weaknesses, it began with bacterial and the question is if we are dinosaurs, trapped in the comfort zone, suv’s in front of the door and all borders closed, money in the bank and all flights canceled, food in the stores but we can’t invite friends, wine and music sound better with you… Be safe, strong and realise we are all part of the human chain, collective awareness rewriting…

Silence, I request…

The Collective Awareness silenced all people, except for a few presidents, for the leaders deny the loss of power, people now get to the essential values of life, let nurses and doctors be the leaders of the world, for health is the highest value, for a healthy person has one thousand wishes, a sick person, only one…

We carefully choose the fuel for our vehicles, but we fill our body with processed-analog-food. Tastes can be added to comfort – food, but it will never replace the satisfaction of a healthy locally grown meal in farmer’s style. When you work hard and always outside, you need to eat a lot, because you burn it all. The problem with fast-food is the combination with tv and couch, hypnotized by moving images that tell our brain we are in danger or good company, we feel wise or funny… commercial breaks are inspiring you to walk to the refrigerator or to order takeaway food. Work-out is best when we are gardening, cleaning one square meter every day till the whole garden is filled with fruits and flowers. Tulips and more will come back every year, the berries will give you and the birds a lot of vitamins ant anti-oxidants so you don’t get rusty.

Locked Down

Fear is a bad advisor. The world came to point – break, no more airplanes, just an owl feeding his siblings. People are aware and asleep, chilling winds tell tales of unexpected events, canceled to protect singer-songwriters from the disease. Radio silence is what we need, take out all satellites and believes, just start singing, grow your food, raise children and cattle, like it was for millions of years, when people still listened go each other and intuition was a compass, not a fancy word.

No trespassing at the border, but how to read it coming from the other side

Card 17:GROW HOME ¶

Inside every cell, each idea, any seed, entelecheia, all options are included, waiting for sunlight, attention, photosynthesis, bacteria, proteins, carbon based universe…

Practice what you preach, go Gandhi, Benito or Rambo, for we know… who did first blood… Stay where you are, plant a tree, growing vegetables is the new money, bees are the new bitcoins, values of tribe and nature, survival the smartest…

Card 13: Initiation of the Ignorant

This is like a mind without ideas

Inspire others by going the extra mile, protein – shake, green tea, multi-vitamins, broccoli, bananas and carbs, train, work, eat rest, repeat no left or right, or you are with us or you are against us, one person, one choice, the point of no return, point-break including the power of the the undercurrent, this is the human race 2. 0.

Card 18: Develop Dreams §


Fill in the blanks, you want a strong body, walk, chop wood and take your backpack, leave the car. Read your bookshelf, I you want to be the Alpha, rdad all about wolves, emotional intelligence and living of the land.

When is the last time you danced with your partner, when did you stop crying in the rain, singing at the kitchen table, fart after dinner, when that’s working, you are healthy, for we produce fertilizer and soil is the leftovers of the process calked life.

I never had fear of money, don’t let others intimidate you, fight for the future, cultivate a noble ego, the next step towards humanity beyond the limits of ignorance, feed your mind, train your body, explore the limits and become more than the sum of the parts, now you doubt, soon you will be sure that the world depends on your point of view.